Caribbean Climate Activism Course
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Join our Climate Compliance 6 month Program in the Caribbean

Join our Caribbean Climate Activism Course Starting in March, August and November each year. The Climate Activism Course is 6 months with the following periods:

Caribbean Climate Activism Course Details

Period 1: “Gaia warning” – 14 days

In this period, participants have structured teacher-led courses about St. Vincent, global warming, climate change, sustainable agriculture, pollution, the oceans and other related topics.

Period 2: Digging deeper – 14 days

In this period the teams conduct research activities and dig deeper into the subject of climate activism and especially sustainable, organic farming and PermaCulture techniques.

Period 3: Making RVA Climate Compliant – 1 month

In this period participants prepare and carry out Climate Compliance actions at Richmond Vale Academy. The actions done can include:

  • Developing water collection systems
  • Increasing the production in the organic garden
  • Starting up a production of sheep
  • Doubling up the number of plants in the nursery
  • Developing the production of staples in the forest garden
  • Setting up a new “on grid” solar system at one of the buildings

Period 5, 6, 7 and 8: Our next large endeavors – 2 months.

In this period participants identify large endeavors needed for example making a big open day, producing a garden farming newspapers, a documentary, create radio programs or arrange a big event involving many people to plant trees, mangroves or clean up communities. In the final two weeks the team reflects on their experiences and lessons learned and share with the next teams and people involved in the different projects.

Cost is USD $500 + $2700 and includes:

  • Enrollment fee + Tuition fee
  • Food and Accommodation for 6 Months
  • Basic materials needed to execute the program’s activities
  • Research and Action
Health Insurance for Living Abroad

What else?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been devastated by severe weather disasters year after year over the past 10 years. In response, Richmond Vale Academy took decisive action by initiating a programme called “The Saint Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021”.

This program aims to bring people together to take action. Since 2012, more than 300 national and international student and teachers together with thousands of people across St. Vincent and the Grenadines have answered to the threat of climate disaster.

Since 2012:

  • 30,000 trees have been planted.
  • 30 tons of garbage has been collected from beaches, rivers and villages.
  • 50 Organic Home gardens have been built with families in North Leeward.
  • Six Bio gas digesters have been installed at farmers, schools and families.
  • Numerous information leaflets, books, booklets, radio and TV programmes have been aired in St. Vincent and abroad, mobilising people to take local actions.
  • More than 1000 people visit the Academy annually to learn about and get inspired to what actions can be taken for a sustainable future.

Throughout the programme, there are three anchor themes from where to choose all the climate compliance actions and research activities:

  • Food and water Security
  • Energy Security
  • Ready for Climate Change

We have many interesting stories on the Richmond Vale blog, where you can read about our climate activism work and read what our past course participants have to say.

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