Volunteer in Norway and become a trainee on a farm.

Our family dairy farm has cows, goats and a few chickens. We’d love to get your help in tending to the animals in return for a room 🙂

Volunteer in Norway on a farm – requirements & tasks

Gevik farm is located in beautiful Mid-Norway, which has a rich farming tradition. It has been in our family since 1832.

We always need handy people to help us with our daily chores, such as tending to the animals and contributing to the diverse projects here at our farm. 

Minimum stay is two weeks, but longer stays are encouraged. Guests are welcome regardless of age (over 18), gender, nationality or background. A genuine interest, can-do-attitude and a positive personality is what matters most to us.

Your tasks will include tending to the animals, milking and feeding them.

You will also take part in other important projects going on at our farm. Examples of activities include:

  • Painting, carpentry and other maintenance
  • Maintenance of mechanical equipment
  • Gardening projects
  • Sowing and cutting crops

You may also work on a tractor if you have a valid drivers’ license, and are willing to learn about tractor safety before starting to drive.

We will ask you to work for around 25 hours / week and you will have 2 days off in a week.

Volunteer in Norway on a farm – what we offer?

We’ll discuss details of your eating and living arrangements via messaging, on confirmation of stay.

During your stay, we will provide you with accommodation in a collective in a traditional mid-Norwegian longhouse on the farm, where there are already living students studying at the university nearby.

We have one single room and one double room available, totalling three spaces.

Two bathrooms are available in the house, along with a kitchen, a large hall and a large living room. There’s a grocery store in our village, and you are free to use the shared kitchen which has a large cooker, a big refigerator, and a dishwashing machine, as well as kitchen equipment, utensils and cutlery.

Our farm is located in beautiful Norway. In your spare time, you can go fishing, berry-picking, or hiking, depending on the season. It is also convenient to go to the nearest town, Levanger.

After your stay, and upon request, we will provide you with a reference letter describing in detail what you have worked with and what you have learnt during the course of your stay.

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