Volunteer in Tanzania
(Local kids, photo by Tabasamu Foundation Tanzania)

Volunteer in Tanzania: We welcome Volunteer Help with our Project

Come volunteer in Tanzania and help us to teach English Language in Shikabania School in Tanzania. We are always in need of volunteers to help to us to teach English language and other an extra curriculum such as sports and games.

Shikabania is a Tanzanian name which means ‘struggle for me to get education’.

The school was founded in 2007 and It is full registered as education institution in Arusha Tanzania. Our school is located in a less populated area in a slope of Mount Meru and therefore the climate is cool and ever green throughout a year.

This place is amazing because it is covered with vegetation such as banana trees, coffees, a lot of avocado trees and many more. When you are in Shikabania School you can view Twin Mountains, Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru at the same time!

Moreover Arusha is a gateway to most touristic place such as Serengeti National parks, Ngorongoro National parks, Tarangire National park etc.

Therefore you would visit all these places while volunteering. Kids are adorable and very friendly, they are always looking forward to meet new person. You are invited to come and help us in teaching English and have experience with children in the school.

You will have an opportunity to try Tanzanian food which is very delicious. Also if you will like to eat European/American dishes like pizza you can simply get it in ten minutes.

  • The minimum age to participant is 18 years old 
  • We accept males, females, couples or families

(You can get a VOLUNTEER VISA for Up to 3 months for $250 US dollars (includes Tourist Visa). You apply for this on arrival in the airport.)

Volunteer in Tanzania Tasks & Roles

Are you an adventurous, hard working, patient, experienced traveler looking to have the best few weeks of your life?

Shikabania School volunteer program is far cheaper than the alternatives and more than 95% of the money raised/paid goes directly to your accommodation and the children.

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There are many areas where volunteers can support the ongoing activities of the school. Depending upon the individuals’ interests and skills, volunteers may usually be involved in any of the following activities:

  • Help in kitchen work/duties, laundry and house cleaning 
  • Help children with brushing teeth, showering, establishing and maintaining personal hygiene 
  • Teach English in TBSM or schools (when the children of TBSM go to their respective schools). 
  • Organize games, drawing & singing lessons, dancing, and other extracurricular activities 
  • Help with homework; monitoring academic progress, and ensuring children complete their homework 
  • Child care services for those in day care 
  • Help in other activities or programs designed for children 

Alternatively, do you want to do more than volunteer? Do you have experience in grant writing, fundraising, volunteer coordinating or working on a sponsorship program? We will very much be happy to welcome you at TBSM and shikabania school.


Volunteers sleeps in a volunteer room and in a most safe Tanzania families. Some of volunteers who are looking for most luxurious lodges we can also provide as well in a nearby touristic hotels.

We are very close with the followings; Banks, bureau de change, Restaurant, Hotels and National Parks

We will pick you up to and from airport to school.

Volunteer in Tanzania – What else?

What you can’t do while with us. 

  • Don’t smoke 
  • Don’t use vulgar/abusive language 
  • No alcohol is allowed 
  • Treat all children equal and respect 
  • Cant date with staffs

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