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Volunteer in Spain in a retreat space and start a journey of self-discovery.

We provide people with a place where they can work together to discover a true understanding of themselves in a non-dogmatic environment. Do you feel the call to go through a self-discovery process? Join us!

Volunteer in Spain in a retreat – requirements & tasks

We are creating a therapy and retreat space for those who feel the call to go through a transpersonal self-discovery process, in the middle of nature, in a rural setting, 8 kilometres away from town.

One of the most important things for us is to benefit from the relationship that we can create with helpers. We are going to spend time together and we are not interested in the mere material help. This is a value exchange experience.

That’s why we always ask volunteers to have an interview before deciding to come to an agreement. That gives us the chance to see if we can make the most out of it.

To benefit from this experience, you would need an issue to work on – it can be behavioural patterns, emotions, tights, aspects you would like to develop. So meditate a bit about the self discovery work you would like to do here for when we have our interview.

We will ask you for help with painting, DIY work and gardening. We need someone with an eye for detail, skillful and willing to take part in an exchange of quality work.

Volunteer in Spain in a retreat – what we offer

We offer full board and accommodation in a shared room. There may be times in which there will be no other guests staying at the premises and the helper can be on his/her own.

The experience we offer here is not so much a base for traveling around but a retreat experience. The therapeutic work consists of unveiling the personality style or personal mechanisms, nourished by unconscious beliefs and emotional reaction tendencies, and situating the hidden wound at childhood, from which every suffering departs.

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