Work on fundraising projects while volunteering in Germany.

We’re a group of activists that raised more than $25 million for maternal​,​ newborn​,​ child survival​,​ and emergency programs via live streaming and online events on Twitch & YouTube. Join our new project and help to trial universal basic income projects!

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Volunteering in Germany – requirements & tasks

We are currently working on software projects like Clash of Streamers​,​ a top-grossing Play To Earn mobile game. All profits are being used for charitable projects, aiming to trial universal basic income project.

The game integrates our cryptocurrencies PRPS & DUBI and associated NFTs.

Our hub in Europe provides the perfect environment for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. It allows anyone to work alongside like-minded people that are dedicated & self-driven to contribute.

There are various tasks volunteers can help out with. We do not require volunteers to have prior knowledge, we are able to help you with learning any of the skills mentioned in this section. Of course, if volunteers already have work experience or already learned certain skills, then we are glad to assign them tasks in the respective areas.

We also try to take into account volunteers’ interests and allow them to grow. We ask for help for about 15 hours a week.

Programming, Coding & similar tasks:

  • Game Development (eg Unity)
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Crypto / Blockchain dev
  • System infrastructure / IT
  • Automation programmer & automation testing (eg Airtest)
  • Game testing & quality assurance (eg Jira)
  • Data analyst (eg AWS)

Creative tasks:

  • Graphic designer / game artist (eg Photoshop)
  • Animation & modeling / rigging
  • Sound & vfx design (eg AfterEffects)
  • Podcast editing & video editing (eg Sony Vegas)
  • Content creation; YouTube videos; live streaming
  • Managing & writing design documents & technical documents (eg Google Suite)
  • Social media & community management
  • In-Game Player Support (eg Tawk, Discord)

Practical tasks:

  • Grocery shopping & ordering food and other items
  • Working in the kitchen: this includes preparing & cooking food; making people’s meals & delivery of the meals; doing dishes.
  • Cleaning of public places; taking out the trash.
  • Taking care of the laundry.
  • Gardening & taking care of plants.
  • Practical fixes around the house, for example if something breaks.
  • Taking care of electric appliances.

There are plenty of tasks available for anyone to contribute, no matter their prior work expertise.

Volunteering in Germany – what we offer

Every volunteer gets their own bedroom. Each room is equipped with a single bed, closet, nightstand,lamps and chair. Almost all rooms have a sink & mirror. Most rooms have a toilet and additional furniture, such as tables & dressers. There are also a few shower rooms available.

On every floor there is a dedicated huge bathroom with a toilet, wide sink, mirror, cupboards and a huge shower. There are also several other toilets across the house for common use.

All facilities are free to use and everything needed for daily life, including food, hygiene items, internet, water, electricity etc. is provided.

The stay period is indefinite, meaning volunteers can stay here for as long as they like. In general we only accept people who plan on staying here for at least 3 months. After staying here for 3 months volunteers from the EU are able to register legally here. It is a quick cheap process and help will be provided.

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