Help create a paradise for artists while volunteering in France.

I am Clemence, a Frenchwoman living on my family farm, ‘Mare aux Coqs’ and dedicating myself to the “zero kilometre” movement of sustainable living. Help me in this project!

Volunteering in France – requirements & tasks

I have been trying to develop the site into a place for artists and inspired individuals to relax, enjoy and meditate in the natural beauty of the farm.

We will work together for four hours each weekday (Monday-Friday) in the garden. Typical projects include wedding, skimming much off the surface of the pond, mowing the lawn, stacking wood, and doing other simple ‘beautification’ projects.

No special skill or strength is required, just an appetite for spending time outdoors surrounded by nature!

Volunteering in France – what we offer

Full details on living and eating arrangements will be provided on confirmation of stay. You will have access to a well-designed kitchen, camping options, a water-lily pond and natural swimming pool, a garden. We don’t use plastics, GMO’s or chemicals.

While staying here you will enjoy the beautiful French nature and learn new gardening skills.

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