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Come and experience being part of an Awakening community by sharing your skills with us. Experience Meditation Centre Volunteering.

Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation has an opening in its Karma Yoga program for experienced, talented, resourceful, and creative individuals.

Come and experience being part of an Awakening community by sharing your skills with us. In exchange, you will have the opportunity to join classes and training sessions. As well, we offer you free accommodation and meals in our beautiful Canadian retreat center.

While at Clear Sky, you will find that conversations shape your unfoldment and the space that you share with others. In addition to your core activities, you will participate in Clear Sky’s dynamic and exciting Karma Yoga personal development program. This program brings adventuresome individuals together to explore, question, and learn in individual and group contexts. Through daily meditation, team learning, wisdom teachings and study, you will enter Clear Sky’s leading edge environment wherein the training for personal and group unfoldment is the central purpose.

As a Karma Yogi you recognize the value that structure and routine have within a vibrant organization. Every day, you are invaluable to the entire team because your contribution nourishes and energizes everyone at the centre.

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include menu planning, purchasing/ordering, cooking and ensuring that 3 nourishing buffet-style meals are provided daily.

Our needs vary based on the programs that are running at any given time, thus we are seeking open-minded individuals who are willing to contribute to the smooth operation of the center while participating in a deep personal retreat while you are in a time of transition and seeking your next steps to an authentic way of living.

Hours & Roster: 40 + hours a week
What’s included? Free accommodation & all meals
What’s Not Included? Flights, visa & volunteer travel insurance
Selection process: Message us about yourself, relevant experience, attach your resume, why you’d like to volunteer & the dates you would be available

Meditation Centre Volunteering – Tasks & Roles

  • Self-discipline and a sincere desire to provide excellent service 
  • Organizational skills and ability to create a positive, motivated workplace and to work effectively in an innovative and multi-tasking environment 
  • Sincere interest in participating in a spiritual community; meaning a desire to learn and practice meditative techniques and a willingness and ability to engage in honest communication. 
  • A three month or longer commitment, with a one month trial period. 
  • This is a challenging and rewarding opportunity that will expand your ideas of what you’re capable of. As a Karma Yogi, you’ll be supported in exploring your potential.


You will share a room at times with 1-3 others. You may also have your own room at times too. Your accommodation may change due to events and retreats that take place at our centre during the year.

Closest airport is Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport (YXC).
We can collect you from the airport.

Meditation Centre Volunteering – What else?

Why immerse yourself in a spiritual community? In short, it’s easier with others. Modern living demands much of our energy and resources on a daily basis. This makes it challenging to find the resources (will, time and/or money) to actually spend an extended period of time in retreat and/or in depth exploration.

Spending time in the embrace of a spiritual container, like that of a retreat center, is deeply nourishing and transformative. The supportive and often invisible conditions the retreat container and an awakening community provides, can spark small and often profound changes on one’s life path. This heightened awareness and depth of experience, facilitates your ability to deeply appreciate and focus on what really matters.

A deep diving immersion experience like this is not easy to find and makes for rich rewards for those who do. (Added benefits are spending quality time in community and nature, including with Sonora- one of our residential teachers’ horse, who brings ongoing opportunities to connect deeply and mirror our mind states back to us more frequently.) Quickly you can develop and broaden your skill-sets, inner strength, and confidence.

Over the years, we have seen our participants leave much more connected to themselves and others. They are more energized, and focused, able to show up, communicate and participate in their world, in more meaningful ways.

We recommend that when travelling that you always have your own travel insurance.

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