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Teach Ecuadorian Students English

Teach Ecuadorian Students English (Ecuador)

Come teach Ecuadorian students English. As a volunteer you’ll experience the lifestyle and culture of Ecuador with the benefit of free room and board.

FCC Ingles International Language Center is based in the beautiful Ecuadorian Coastal Region of Atacames/Esmeraldas Providence. We are looking for committed native English speakers to help teach classes to Ecuadorian students of all ages and assist with social projects, starting in November for English teaching and English teaching for February for the new school year. Preferred USA/Canadian/ UK citizens. Interviews starts in September for positions in November and February for teaching volunteers and English Coordinator.

DETAILS: FCC Ingles International Center is located in Atacames, Ecuador, South America. Atacames is a quaint town of history and culture. We are surrounded by the beautiful ocean and coastline, with many fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish. For volunteers, it is a memorable experience. We are located in a prime location. Currently, we are looking for English teachers to teach in private schools. In our center, we have English Teaching for children, high school, and private students. B1-C2, TOEFL Certificates are achieved through our center. If you are interested in a one-year volunteer position as English Coordinator, we require a resume. FCC Ingles also works with Social Projects for single mothers, and tourism locations includes pavilions and restaurant. We are near four lakes, waterfalls, fresh trout, and colorful indigenous culture.

QUALIFICATIONS: At least 1-year of experience. A TEFL Certificate would be preferred for the position. The position starts in November and we interview from January for the new school year from March until next February. We are interested in 3 volunteers for the English Teaching Positions, currently. Within FCC Ingles International Center facility, volunteers have room and board; this includes a kitchen, bath, internet, and a view of the ocean and coastline. Volunteers/Missions from: UK, USA or Canada citizens.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Volunteers would enjoy the lifestyle of Ecuador, its culture and its beautiful country. Benefits include Room and Board with necessary expenses. Private apartment on the beach with ocean view, furnished, wifi, and necessary expenses. You can join for a minimum of 6 months up to 1 year as a volunteer. Depending on experience, there are options for compensation – depending on experience, you could become an English Coordinator for 1 year, or engage in part-time management.

JOB SUMMARY: Position would include understanding of teaching English to different ages: currently in the private school for upper age classes and private students classes. Required stay from 6 months up to 1 year. English Coordinator – 1 year.

Teach Ecuadorian Students English – Basic information

  • Stay duration: min 6 month(s)
  • Minimum Age: 21+
  • Places available for: 3 helpers

Teach Ecuadorian Students English – Help Required

  • Language practise
  • Teaching/Teaching

We are looking for committed native English speakers to help teach classes of Ecuadorian students of all ages and assist with social projects. Preferred USA/Canadian/ UK citizens. At least 1-year experience. If you have a TEFL Certificate it would be great (but not required).

Position would include some understanding of teaching different ages of English. Be flexible to work with our Social Projects and different tasks. Tourism projects for the restaurant and retreat facilities. Available for the position is 6 months-1 year.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Volunteers would enjoy the lifestyle of Ecuador, culture and beautiful country. Benefits include: Room and Board with necessary expenses.

Teach Ecuadorian Students English- Living

  • Accommodation: Volunteer House
  • Room type: Twin Bed Private

Within FCC Ingles International Center within our facility, volunteers have private room and board; this includes a kitchen, bath, internet, and a view of the town. Transportation is accessible to all areas. Close to parks, theatre, all stores, and markets.

Teach Ecuadorian Students English – Getting There

  • Quito (UIO) (Quito, Ecuador)

Most Volunteers: Closest airport is Quito, Ecuador.

Other Volunteers: Airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Both airports are 3 hours by bus transport. Cost of Bus: $4.00. Which is one stop to Riobamba. Flying into Quito depending on schedule, FCC International Language Center staff would arrange for pickup at Quito Airport.

Teach Ecuadorian Students English – What else?

  • Own travel insurance recommended.
  • Males & Females welcome.
  • Couples accommodated.

This position for our Tourism position would be a plus for a couple as we have 3 Pavilions for tourists that sleep twelve each one. Plus, we have a restaurant that would be great for a couple to maintain facility. The location is in Ozogoche, Ecaudor which has 4 lakes, waterfalls, fresh trout, horses and indigenous colorful culture. To have someone live on site with experience.

In Riobamba, we have our English Center for teaching our classes. This facility boards our volunteers/missions.

Alcohol is allowed but not frequently. Prefer, no smoking. Pets are allowed in our Tourist facility.

We are working towards our Social Projects for single mothers in surrounding towns. Volunteers with experience with Charity qualifications is accepted.

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