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Volunteer in Spain
(Photo by Estación Inglesa)

Volunteering in Spain for Teenagers in the Summer Time

Are you a teenager looking for a volunteering opportunity in Spain? Are you a native English speaker aged 13 to 17?

Do you like socializing and meeting young people your age? Then contact us because you might be the right candidate to join us as a volunteer for 7 days in our Junior Summer camp in a beautiful venue in Spain.

  • In our programmes we get together a group of 20 Spanish, 10 Native English speaking teenagers, 5 adult native English counsellor and 1 native English programme director.
  • Most volunteers join either individually or perhaps with a friend or sibling, not as part of a group.
  • The programme has no cost for native English speakers. They do have to make their own way to Madrid.
  • Speaking Spanish is not allowed during the programme. This is an English language immersion camp. Therefore we do not require any level of Spanish language.
  • We have participants coming from the UK, the USA and Canada.

Volunteer in Spain Tasks & Roles

Are you a native English speaker aged 13 to 17? Are you outgoing and would like to spend some time helping Spanish students practice their English? At Estacíón Inglesa Junior we offer you the opportunity to volunteer in Spain, living with a small group of Spanish young people for a week in a cozy rural hotel. As a volunteer, your role is simply to take part in different games and activities while speaking English with Spanish students your age. The program is hard work but also a fun and rewarding experience which will allow you to make new friends, learn a lot about Spain and its people, and enjoy a week in the sun in a nice rural hotel!

As you may already know, all Spanish young people study English as a Second Language, but most of them don’t have the opportunity to practice with native English speakers. That’s why we need you! We got together a group of Spanish students aged 13-17 and a group of native English speakers. Of course, we also have several native English-speaking counselors and program directors to make sure the week runs smoothly!

The program is organized so that you will take part in activities and games while speaking English with Spanish participants. You will also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in mixed groups, and you will be expected to speak in English all the time. Most of the activities take place outdoors. Some are one-to-ones and others are group activities and games. The only important this is that you keep speaking English!

Also, during the week, we will go on a guided tour of Ávila and we will walk over the impressive medieval wall.


Free accommodation in a nice rural hotel. Full board, all meals included. The nearest airport is Madrid. We will meet and pick you up.

What else?

Accommodation in a rural hotel in CTR San Antón, Ávila, reserved for Estacion Inglesa Junior use only. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Outdoor swimming pool. 

7 days full of fun activities. Meeting Spanish students and learning a lot about Spain. A positive and rewarding experience.

A certificate of 80 volunteer service hours. 

We recommend that when travelling that you have your own travel insurance cover in place.

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