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Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador

Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador

Be a Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity in South America now is your opportunity. We have opened a new coffee shop in a really beautiful town in Baños. It is really a lovely place here with a gallery and a lovely small garden.

Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador – Quick Checks
Hours & Roster: 24 hours a week, Wed – Mon, 1 day free
What’s included? Accommodation & full board
Selection process: Message us about your relevant experience, why you’d like to help with us & the dates you would be available. Prove to us that you’ve read through our profile & your profile must be complete (description and photo)

Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador – Tasks & Roles

Now let me tell you a bit about me and my husband. Firstly, I studied about all parts of the world from Hispanic immigrants, the drug dealing community in NYC, to cultures around India, and cultural diversity in New Zealand. When I get a chance I would like to continue my studies and do some fieldwork: my focus on Latin American Anthropology.

I also did Linguistics at university and love to learn as many languages as I can. My goal is to know at least 10 languages enough to survive in the countries where they are spoken. I was in a lot of cultural clubs and lived in an International Hostel so being around travelers is my thing. I was referred here by some Friends and already have met so many cool people. I’m into volunteering. I have been a volunteer helping out Refugee resettlement in Palmerston North and I’m going to get back into this 2013 in Wellington. I helped out at New Zealand Red Cross.

My interests are mainly related to Anthropology anything politics, medicine, development, language extinction, Archaeology, history, and immigrant issues. So if you are interested in any of these make sure when you meet me you bring them up in our conversations.

I love to salsa dance, play sports, go out for coffee, martial arts, yoga, hiking, tramping, live bands, traveling on bus, read books, shop, travel, filming, taking pictures love sailing and going on boats.

My husband has travelled a lot through Europe living in Poland, France, and then in New Zealand where he met me 4 years ago. Now we live in Ecuador and remember my first day in Ecuador two years ago. He enjoys talking and socializing, has a bubbly personality, and enjoys learning languages. He is a good Spanish teacher so you would be in good hands.

Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador – Living

We are offering in exchange for help accommodation and shared food. You will have your room, a shared bathroom and live with my husband and me. There is the internet and we would need your help from 9 am until 1 pm. We are open in the Coffee Shop from Wednesday until Monday. We will be happy to travel around with you to show you some great spots in Ecuador.

Coffee Shop Assistance Ecuador – What Else…

If you are interested or have a friend interested please let me know and write me. Also, if you travelling or volunteering abroad, make sure you have the right insurance cover.

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