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Volunteer in Peru
(Photo by PERU Vivential)

Volunteer in Peru with our Dog Shelter Project or Teaching Kids

Come volunteer in Peru with us. We are looking for volunteers who would like to have a rewarding and exciting experience volunteering in Trujillo-Perú.

Join our Teach English Program or Dog Shelter Project – Trujillo is waiting for you.

Teaching English Program – Volunteer in Peru

This volunteer in Peru position is appropriate for those who are new to teaching English and need support and training to plan their lessons, as well as those with more teaching experience.

Dog Shelter Project

This volunteer in Peru position is appropriate for those who love animals, especially dogs, you don’t need experience, the main activities include feeding them, taking them for a walk on the beach, and playing with them.

Volunteer in Peru Overview

Peru Vivential will provide many activities to our volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who would like to have a rewarding and exciting experience.

For a small fee (€8.00 / day per person) the Volunteer in Peru program provides volunteers with housing, weekend excursions, weekly salsa classes, and 2 private (1-3 people) Spanish classes each week.

Tasks & Roles

Generally, volunteers will work with classes four twice a week between 2 or 4 hours per day however this estimate can fluctuate. Lessons last on average 45 minutes, but can sometimes be shortened or extended depending on the schools and extracurricular student activities.

The class teacher will usually be there in the classroom with you but normally not participate. Depending on which class you teach the assistance you will receive from the teacher will vary.

Specific tasks include a combination of the activities listed below:

  • Giving English lessons to children (sometimes there is also a demand for Arts or Sports classes).
  • Bringing new ideas to improve the HELP English project.
  • Preparing lesson plans or even a syllabus/study program for your subject, considering what’s been done in the past and what can be improved now.
  • Guaranteeing that all the materials used during each session are stored and put back into place afterwards.

Volunteer in Peru Living

We provide shared accommodation. You will need to make your own food and dietary arrangements. Food costs are your responsibility. We can advise on best places to eat.

Closest airport: Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM).

We can provide more details on how best to reach us, on confirmation and agreement of stay.

Volunteer in Peru – What else?

We provide our volunteers with a rewarding experience of learning about Peruvian culture while living with volunteers from around the world.

We transcend cultural barriers by promoting an appreciation of other cultures, respect for different norms, long-lasting friendships, and appreciation for different ways of living– all of which create an improved learning environment.

Activities provided include:

  • Sand-boarding and Surf: The most exciting and fun activities we prepare for you during your free time like sand-boarding, surf lessons, tours in the city, and others.
  • Spanish Classes: Come and learn Spanish with us we offer the Spanish course to our volunteers.
  • Salsa and Bachata Classes: Another benefit for our volunteers is having dance classes every week

Take part in our volunteering program and make a difference, be part of our family, come to our house, come to Trujillo, and have the best experience of your life. Come volunteer in Peru with us.

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