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Volunteer in Denmark. Help this family with building and gardening projects.

We are a small family of four, me Fuchsia, my husband Jeroen, from the netherlands and 2 children, living on a small farm in the countryside near Thisted, North Jutland in Denmark. We are working towards becoming as self sufficient as possible and we are in the (slow) process of starting up a small scale animal sanctuary. Currently we have 17 cats, 2 old goats, 20-ish chickens a dog and bees. We need your help!

Volunteer in Denmark – requirements & tasks

On a small farm like ours, help is needed all year round. We need help mostly with repairs and maintenance of our place but also gardening, fixing up a caravan, etc. We have many projects on our minds so we will do our best to accommodate your skills. You will help us for about 20 hours a week.

We are somewhat alternative and maybe a bit hippyish, doing our best with little means, and just want to enjoy life as simply as its possible while still being comfortable 🙂

Volunteer in Denmark – what we offer

We do not have a big budget so most work is based on volunteering and using what is available when needed. We offer food and accommodation for the work. Conditions are far from a hotel but we do our best 🙂 We have a small caravan in the barn until the big caravan is fixed up (it’s one of the projects). There is internet, shared kitchen and bathroom.

You will have your private time, and we can adjust working hours.

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