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Volunteer on an organic vegetable farm in Slovenia

Best way to learn is to go somewhere you have never been. So if you want to experience a real farm life, eat organic food. You’re welcome to volunteer on a farm in Slovenia.!

Volunteer on a farm in Slovenia – requirements & tasks

We need help mainly with planting the veggies, weeding, harvesting. You’ll also join us on the field, and farm. We need a lot of good energy 🙂 We take care of planting plants, nurturing them, and removing bad weeds. When vegetables are big enough it’s time to harvest them. Then clean and wash them.

We respect water and the nature. That’s why we take short showers and use water only when needed. Please close the tap/pipe/shower when not needed. So we all have enough water also to drink, to water plants, for cooking, for animals … please respect water and nature.

Not all of the family members are fluent in English, so please take your time and try to find out what the other person is saying. We all have to be creative to find a way how to understand each other.

It’s the nature of our work, our lifestyle. We try to take time for our family, kids, farm, coworkers, and friends and also for us 2, Metka and Bogdan as a couple. Day has 24 hours so we try to squeeze as much as possible in a day. Big hug and love for everybody…see u soon. But next to us, you’ll have a chance to meet amazing people (volunteers) from all around the world.

Please enjoy your staying with us every single minute and do help us with work on the farm. Be aware that you are joining us and please try to live with us our life style which we have. Try to be a part of international family. Our family is not traditional, which you may have in mind. We are melted with our farm life style. And try to understand and observe, who we are. Try do adapt to our life and to get to know it. To learn a new culture.

Volunteer on a farm in Slovenia – what we offer

We offer accommodation, we have 2 big rooms with bunk beds. In each room we accommodate 4 people.

You will enjoy discovering the farm, visiting the animals, the field, and the forest. We have 100 cows, 20 sheeps and goats, and maybe some mice from the field, and foxes in the forest, deers 😉 We don’t need help with the animals, since its very demanding work, and we have a team who is taking care of them.

Don’t miss any beautiful sunset here, visit the caves, coast, mountains, cities.

Spend time with our family when we stop with work and spend time with volunteers who are also here.

Wish you a great day and a lot of amazing travel experiences.

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