Volunteer in Poland
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Be a Helping Hand at Summer House Poland

Why volunteer in Poland with us? Because we are passionate about what we do and we love to meet new people! Message us!

Are you looking for a nice, relaxed place in the forest where the first neighbor is 2 km away and in the night you can see more stars than you could ever imagine to see?

Come to us! 🙂 Our family owns a great place in the middle of the forest in Poland. We bought the place in 1992 and have spend every holiday there. Since a few years we are there from May – October, as we love it that much! It’s a totally different life than in the city. You don’t need a watch or a TV, you spend the whole day outside and enjoy the campfire once the sun has set.

As it’s a big place and we have big hearts, we invite many people. Recently we have started AirBnb which is perfect, cause we enjoy the company of travellers and we can share our beautiful place with others. Win-win!

During the summer there is always something to do and it’s just too much for us. Think about gardening, cleaning, helping out when there are groups, etc. Therefor we would love you to join us! You will have enough time to do your own things, explore the area, go on trips, etc. Are you in?

Volunteer in Poland Tasks & Roles

Every help is more than welcome! As we have a big garden, there is always something to do there. If it’s not the flowers and the trees, it’s the grass or the vegetables. Besides that, we have sometimes groups coming over, so some help with making the beds and cleaning the area will be also very appreciated.

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Also, when there are no guests, we want to keep the place tidy – of course 🙂 We also have some renovations going on, if you want to, it would be great if you could help with that as well!


You will sleep in one of the cottages, possibly shared with 1 other helper.

You can take a flight to Poznań, from there we can pick you up. Or take a train to Nowy Tomyśl, depends where you will be!

What else?

Everything is possible! If you have some questions, please let us know!

We recommend that when travelling that you have your own travel insurance cover in place.

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