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Volunteer on a vineyard in Autrialia & learn winemaking.

 Since 2006 we have been the best certified organic vineyard and winery in Perth. We welcome helpers like you!

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Volunteer on a vineyard in Autrialia – requirements & tasks

There is plenty of work all year round that is not too strenuous and plenty of time to learn new skills, whether in the vineyard or the winery. 

In the late summer, we start grape picking and in the winter the main jobs are bottling and pruning. Be prepared to cook mixed meals for everyone. Drinking organic wine is voluntary! Couples are welcome and non-smoking is essential.

For example, this week we did a few jobs, like, building a dog house, packing orders, lawn mowing, weeding the chicken yard, digging potatoes for dinner, picking broad beans for lunch, sweeping the floors, cleaning the gutter and grafting some vines.

We’ll ask you to help us for 36 hours a week.

Volunteer on a vineyard in Autrialia – what we offer

We have a large double private room for couples with a private entrance and a 2-bed caravan that is quite cosy.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn about winemaking, explore Perth area and… drink great wine, if you wish 😉

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