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Help with a restoration project while volunteering in France

Help build stairs, sand the kitchen, or remove wallpaper – you’ll have your choice of tasks at this opportunity in Fraillicourt – a village in northeastern France. Volunteering in France can be a fantastic experience!

Volunteer in France and help restore a countryside house – requirements & tasks

Hi, I’m Romain, and I’m 35 years old. I work as an industrial engineer, focusing on trains to make the entire system more reliable.

Three years ago, I bought a house in the countryside all by myself (I also have a small room in Paris where I work). The house is quite comfortable and very relaxed and has all the necessary amenities, but it’s an old house that I’m gradually trying to improve. After spending three years working alone here, I’ve realized that it could be more enjoyable to have people around.

My big ultimate project is to develop the neighboring barn using earth and straw. However, that project is still quite a way off for now. There are plenty of things to take care of before I can even think about that. So that is why I need help 🙂
I’m not running a farm; I’m just an individual who could use some assistance, especially since I have space to welcome you!

The tasks might vary, but currently, I’m interested in digging in the garden to build stairs. I also have items to dispose of in the landfill, wallpaper to remove, and a kitchen to sand. Taking care of my flowers is on the list too. Additionally, there’s some compacted soil on the first floor that needs to be removed.

I’ll tell you all I have to do and you’ll choose what you prefer to do.

You will work for about 15 hours per week.

Volunteer in France and help restore a countryside house – what we offer

I have 2 rooms with double bed + accommodation for a child (or 2 in the big room) and you’re welcome to enjoy my entire house, whether I’m around or not. It depends on whether I need to be in Paris or somewhere else.

I provide also a half-board.

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