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volunteering in norway

Help out on a family farm while volunteering in Norway

Our family farm is beautifully located close to the sea on the coast of Helgeland. If you would like to experience volunteering in Norway. Join us!

Try volunteering in Norway and help on a farm – requirements & tasks

We need active volunteers who are physically and mentally strong, and who don’t mind getting dirty. There are different projects going on, and there’s always something to do around here. We bought this farm autumn 2016, before that we lived on a smaller farm on an island 1 hour from our new home. Now we have a lot of renovating to do at this farm.

All year round we need help with animal care, keeping the farm tidy and clean, and as well help to clean our house and other buildings at our place. We work quite a lot with making wood, mainly in wintertime, but also sometimes in spring / autumn. There’s a lot of work with that from march – october. We also have a big kitchen garden.

It would be highly appreciated if you helped us improve our homepage, and it would be really nice to have some help translating some of our signs around the farm into your language 🙂 If you have drawing / writing skills that would be great, and art projects might also be interesting 🙂 We would also like it if you could make nice pictures or a movie from the farm. We sometimes need help moving stones and other heavy things, so you should be in good health. If you have some health issues that might prevent you from certain tasks, you should let us know when you send us a request.

Sometimes we need to leave the farm, and then we need help to take care of the place and animals while we’re gone. In wintertime, we especially need help with painting indoors, and different building projects – for example, to build new houses for the dogs, animal care, wood-related projects or some fixing up in our house or in one of the cabins.

In springtime we especially need help with making the vegetable garden, helping with the sheep when the lambs are born, we need help with the spring – cleaning of all buildings on our farm, and preparing the boats for the season. During spring and summer, we especially need help with mowing the lawn, cleaning, painting outdoors, putting up fences, making our own hay for the horses, some animal care, help with the vegetable garden… There are not many chores to do with the animals in summertime since they are all outside.

In autumn we especially need help with cleaning, putting away all loose things around the farm before winter arrives, animal care, and taking care of the vegetable garden and greenhouse.

You will work for about 25 hours/week.

Try volunteering in Norway and help on a farm – what we offer

In wintertime the volunteers live in a house or a cabin. In summertime we have available 4 caravans for the volunteers. We also provide a full board.

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