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volunteer in Portugal

Help run a guesthouse as a volunteer in Portugal

Help with guest accommodation, gardening & decorating in a 200-year-old watermill that’s been transformed into a charming guesthouse. Come volunteer in Portugal and showcase your talents.

Volunteer in Portugal in a unique guesthouse – requirements & tasks

A 200-year-old watermill has been lovingly restored and transformed into a guesthouse in a picturesque valley surrounded by a forest, river, and waterfalls. This tranquil oasis is situated 50 km to the south of Porto and only 17 km away from the sea in central/north Portugal.

We warmly welcome both tourists and pilgrims to our guesthouse. The property spans 2 hectares and features a charming garden, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and exploration. Daily interactions with visitors are a highlight of the summer season.

As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute in various ways based on your interests and skills. Tasks include assisting with guest services, maintaining the garden, tending to the woods, participating in construction projects, and adding artistic touches to the decor.

Volunteer in Portugal in a unique guesthouse – what we offer

We offer two options for volunteering based on your preferences and abilities. The first option involves a relaxed commitment of 3 hours of work for 5 days a week, offering a bed for accommodation but not including meals.

Alternatively, the second option entails 5 hours of work for 5 days a week, and in return, we provide both a bed and meals. Typically, the workday begins with a 3-hour session, although we can make adjustments based on the individual volunteer’s capabilities and the demands of the tasks at hand.

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