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volunteer in france

Volunteer in France & help on an olive oil farm

Would you like to volunteer in France in a beautiful mountainous region? If your answer is yes, join us! We are a family from the south of France. Our olive oil farm is based near Capestang a little city.

Learn about olive farming as a volunteer in France – requirements & tasks

Hello! We’re a family from the beautiful south of France. It’s a serene and peaceful place. Our olive oil farm is located near the charming town of Capestang in the southern part of the country. We’re looking for some assistance with various tasks such as gardening, harvesting, wood chopping for winter, and building structures like a solar dryer and a greenhouse.

Our goal is to create an off-grid haven for travellers. We want to have a garden, cultivate our own food, filter water, and plant fruit trees and other trees. It’s important to note that this isn’t a commercial farm; it’s a place for us to learn and grow our organic food. I’m a yoga teacher, and my income comes from teaching classes, not from the farm. Anyone helping on the farm or at my house does so as a volunteer, and in exchange, we provide a place to stay, sleep, and food.

We have a lot to share, including the secrets of a healthy diet, and knowledge about various herbs, wild fruits, and greens based on the season. You can also experience yoga and meditation with us. Additionally, you’ll learn to cook delicious meals since I’m a chef and a dietary expert. We’ll teach you how to create compost and grow food easily. You’ll gain valuable insights into gardening and planting fruit trees. Most importantly, you’ll get to bask in the sun and, above all, learn about olive farming – from harvesting olives to making oil.

You will work for about 15 hours/week.

Learn about olive farming as a volunteer in France – what we offer

We offer private room in our family house in the middle of the enchanting forest of the famous Black Mountains located in the Languedoc Roussillon. The room can be shared at a time of the harvest as we need more hands. We provide a full board.

Note that we are eating raw vegan food, so all the food will be vegan.
No meat cooking here so you have to be a vegan, fruitarian or willing to step into it and discover new things. We mostly have salads, tomatoes in summer, melon as well, olives of course, and lots of fruits as we are 1-hour drive from Spain.

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