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Volunteer opportunities in Spain

Volunteer opportunities in Spain – help out a family with house renovation

We’re a family with a baby. We require assistance with minor home improvements, gardening, and household upkeep. Join us for amazing volunteer opportunities in Spain!

Help a family as a volunteer in Spain – requirements & tasks

We are a family with a baby, living in a village where there are 8 neighbours, each with their own house. The space is communal, with an ancient oak and holm oak forest, as well as an animal sanctuary (horses, goats, sheep, and dogs).

We enjoy practising yoga, meditation, and taking walks in nature. Our house is situated within the forest. Nearby, there is a town with all kinds of shops and a river where you can swim.

The space offers tranquillity and a connection with nature. We can share our knowledge of Yoga and meditation. We enjoy cooking delicious food and making music. You can speak with us in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Catalan.

Our priority is assistance with small house renovations and also in taking care of common areas: chickens, garden, and forest maintenance. We are looking for people eager to learn or share their knowledge.

Help a family as a volunteer in Spain – what we offer

We offer a single room with a 150-sized bed. Our diet is vegetarian, we provide three meals per day. It’s important to keep the shared spaces clean and maintain silence during the night. We have good internet and phone coverage at home. You can work from your room if you prefer.

We can accommodate caravans, motorhomes, and tents – there are 18 hectares of forest and plain area.

During your free time, we recommend hiking along the “Ruta de los Molinos” which leads to the source of the Lucena River. You can also travel to Castellón to visit the city or even go to Valencia.

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