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Help out with art projects & digital marketing while volunteering in the UK

My work primarily revolves around creative arts projects, specialising in making carnival structures and lanterns for events. I collaborate with schools, colleges, and groups of vulnerable people. Volunteer in England and explore the beautiful Lake District in your free time!

Participate in art projects & volunteer in England – requirements & tasks

I live in the Lake District, just 3 miles from Kendal, and we have easy access to mountains and lakes via a bus journey.

Most of our projects take place during the summer, while the winter season brings a quieter atmosphere here. As for my dietary preferences, I enjoy vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy eating options.

I strive to create a positive exchange experience where we can learn from one another. Cultural exchange is more achievable and valuable, although it may be less feasible with workaways from the U.K. It is essential to have a good command of English, self-motivation, and life experience (meaning having lived independently from your family).

Our volunteers work hard and find the experience enjoyable and rewarding. We offer a flexible timetable based on project demands. It’s important to note that we welcome genuine workaways and are not a stepping stone for individuals intending to move to the Lake District or the U.K. Due to our surroundings and two cats, we cannot accommodate dogs.

Additionally, cooking, cleaning, shopping, organizing, and taking care of the cats are responsibilities we expect from volunteers.

Currently, we have a priority for assistance with Apple computers, iPhones, and digital marketing on social media.

Please keep in mind that our country house can get quite cold during winter, and if you are sensitive to cold temperatures, it may not be advisable for you to be here at this time of year, especially considering the rising cost of utilities. We welcome hardy and hard-working individuals who are willing to contribute without always needing to be asked, as some tasks are simply part of living and sharing a home together.

You will work for about 25 hours per week.

Participate in art projects & volunteer in England – what we offer

We provide volunteers with a lovely room in our house in the countryside or a park up if you have a camper van. Full board is included as well as access to laundry facilities.

You’ll stay in the Lake District of the UK, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful mountains. In your free time, you can try hillwalking, camping, swimming and live music sessions in local pubs.

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