Volunteer Sudan Africa

Volunteer Sudan Africa

Volunteer Sudan Africa? We are a London based charity dedicated to sending graduates and under graduates to Sudan to facilitate conversational English language classes. Volunteers get paid a local wage by the hosts who also provide free accommodation.

We are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers, whose mother-tongue is English to travel to Sudan and take part in our efforts. Over the last 18 years, we (SVP – Sudan Volunteer Programme) have sent hundreds of native English speakers to teach at public universities all over Sudan. We collaborate with the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education to complement the English Language curriculum and focus on speaking and listening components.

Next available dates: Usually runs September to June
Stay duration: Preferably 6 months +
Places available: 12 placements
Hours & Roster: Flexible 20-25 hours a week
What’s included? Free accommodation and local stipend/allowance
What’s Not Included? Flights, health jabs, internal transport & travel insurance
Selection process: Message us about your relevant experience, why you’d like to work with us, the dates you would be available, request our application form and preparation guides

Volunteer Sudan Africa – Help Required

Plan and facilitate 1 to 2 hour conversational English classes at public universities and institutes. 20-25 hours a week.

  • Possible curriculum development and or related assistance in English Language Departments.
  • Actively engage with the culture and people who may never have met or talked to a Western foreigner before.
  • Foster personal friendships with Sudanese to promote understanding and tolerance of cultural differences.

Applicants must have a college degree and ideally have some prior teaching experience. Non-Native speakers will be considered if they have either lived for an extended period in an English speaking country or have English syllabus and/or have a formal teaching qualifications. Other requirements include:

  • A strong sense of commitment to the SVP’s cultural exchange objectives and a willingness to work at a placement for minimum of six months.
  • Ability to adapt to a different culture, specifically Islamic.
  • Volunteers must pay for their own flights, necessary immunisations, a police background check and contribute to the first three months of travel insurance.
  • Tolerate discomfits, such as high temperatures, irregular water flow, mosquitos and administrative disorganisations at universities.
  • Be proactive, adaptable, open-minded and flexible.

Hours & Roster 

  • About 25 -30 hours per a week.
  • Preferably 6 months +.
  • Message chat & application process.


  • Usually runs September to June. Contact us with your available dates.

Sleeping: Public universities provide volunteers free accommodation close to the university’s campus.

Linen & Laundry: All linen and towels are supplied. Onsite laundry facilities also.

Eating: Volunteers need to provide their own food but a monthly stipend is provided to cover the cost of food.

Transport: Volunteers must pay for their own air fares to Khartoum. SVP pays for volunteer’s initial trip to their placement. Volunteers must pay for all other transportation, the costs of which can be covered by the stipend that their host institution provides.

Volunteer Sudan Africa – Amenities & Preferences

  • 12 placements.
  • 18 + ages welcome.
  • Male and female helpers accepted.
  • Single travellers, two friends & couples are welcomed.
  • Internet access available.
  • Rapidly learn or improve Arabic language skills.
  • Work in a very friendly, safe and fascinating culture at the intersection of the Middle East and Africa.
  • Extensive introductory and acclimatisation literature.
  • First step in an international career.
  • Gain first-hand experience in a geo-strategic development context.
  • Extensive travel and repatriation insurance in case of an emergency.
  • Make lifelong friends.

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