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HelpStay: live and work in Canada
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Live and Work in a Remote Wilderness Environment in Canada

We live in a highly supportive community and our mission is to empower each other while evolving into our best selves. We offer you a chance to volunteer, live and work in Canada with us.

Enjoy a Transformational Experience in the Wilderness of BC, Canada. We operate a year-round Wilderness Ranch, facilitating Personal Development, Training Programs, and Wilderness Adventures.

During your internship, you will experience a variety of fields, such as eco-tourism, nature conservation and stewardship, business administration, wilderness guiding and leadership development, human resources, kitchen management, and much more.

Our company culture is highly emphasized and our operations are based on our philosophy of believing in the best of each other, wanting the best for each other and expecting the best from one another.

Live and work in Canada – benefits:

  • Personal Growth is the priority, we facilitate the environment and material for you to grow and evolve toward your best self.
  • Your experience can transform your life as much as you are committed to investing in yourself.
  • Opportunities match responsibility taken and include attending external workshops and learning new skills.
  • Hands-on experience in Nature Conservation and contributing to positive change in the world.
  • Participate in the creation of our community, we highly encourage your involvement in everything we do.
  • Join our highly supportive community where we support each other in our goals and mission and share our -personal experiences daily.
  • Live and work in a remote wilderness environment, where you reconnect with nature and yourself.
  • Accommodation on site in prospector tents or communal rooms, including all meals.
  • Internal recruitment to a paid position may be offered to those who invest in themselves, fully engage with our ranch philosophy, and contribute to our culture and community.

Live and work in Canada tasks & roles

Interest Areas Live and work in Canada :

  • Tourism and Adventure Program Management
  • Stewardship & Wildlife Management
  • Videographer and Documentary Filmmaker
  • Wilderness Guiding (after taking training)
  • Web Design and Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing for Marketing and Sharing of Philosophy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Ranch Hand
  • Maintenance
  • Hospitality & Kitchen
  • Human Resources and Leadership Experience
  • Business Administration
  • Wilderness Training Programs
  • Forestry & Woodlot Management
  • Organic Farming
Live and work in Canada responsibilities:
  • Support our community and get involved in group activities, such as our weekly success reviews, writing weekly blog stories, daily meetings, planning communal activities and taking care of daily ranch chores.
  • Commit to your Personal Growth and for creating a positive environment around you.
  • Contribute to something larger than yourself by participating in Nature Conservation projects and mentoring your fellow community partners.
  • Contribute to the ranch culture by sharing inspirational insights, photos and videos with our community.

You will create your own work schedule, including 40 hours per week, that meets your interests and moves you towards your goals.

Live and work in Canada living arrangements

You will be accommodatedon-sitee at our ranch in your own or shared prospector tent in the summer and a shared room in the winter. We do communal cooking and eat three healthy, home-cooked meals together.

We offer a pick-up and drop-off from Surrey, Vancouver, or Kamloops for $ 100 CAD. Our location is 6 hours northeast from Vancouver and remote, hence there’s no public transport available.

Live and work in Canada- what else?

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Volunteering exchanges in Canada

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