Teach English or Chinese in Thailand as a volunteer.

Paradanusorn School in Uttaradit, Thailand needs your help in teaching basic English or Chinese to kindergarten, primary or secondary pupils. Help them!

Teach English or Chinese in Thailand – requirements & tasks

We are a school for kids from mainly poor or low-income families. We teach kindergarten, primary and secondary kids. The school is located in Uttaradit City, between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

We teach approx. 400 pupils at our school. Your help is needed in teaching basic English and Chinese communication (not grammar) for about 15 hours a week.

At the kindergarten, you will teach numbers from 1 to 1000, colors, family, the alphabet, very basic questions, etc.

At the primary level, you will teach basic vocabulary like items in a house, school items, etc., questions, and basic conversation. To the secondary pupils, you will teach specific vocabulary like basic Business English, Activities and items at a train station, etc, questions, and conversational English.

You will never teach alone, the leading teacher will provide you with the lesson plan.

Teach English or Chinese in Thailand – what we offer

The accommodation is only 600 meters from the school. It is a twin bed in an apartment with air-conditioning, an en-suite bathroom, and a balcony.

We welcome all volunteers, including families with kids (the kids can take part in the normal school lessons with other Thai kids) and mature volunteers (60+) to volunteer at our school.

A part of the volunteering program is our activities like driving to the waterfall, jungle trekking, visiting caves, and more.

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