Volunteer in Morocco and Join us on a Placement in Ouarzazate City

Join us on a Volunteer Placement in Ouarzazate City, Morocco

Volunteer in Morocco with us. You don’t need to have experience to participate in our Morocco Volunteering Placement but you must be willing to do your assigned tasks and complete them in full.

Most importantly, you must be able to make the children happy and draw a smile on their face.

Volunteers help with assigned activities from 9am to 12:00pm each day and then lunch together. After lunch, we have a programme of discovering the city and the regions around. Some of the arranged excursions include meeting with families of Ouarzazate city, learning the culture of the Morocco and Arabic lessons.

Tasks & Roles

Through our activities we mean to achieve the following goals:

  • Contributing to sustainable development. 
  • Sensitizing people to the importance of volunteering and solidarity. 
  • Developing people’s awareness of their duty toward their community. 
  • Contributing to the protection of green areas and environment in general. 
  • Opening new horizons for kids to develop their skills and personalities. 
  • Creating a cultural exchange that would contribute to better understanding and peace between peoples and nations

We ask for 3-4 hours help per a day in the morning. We discover the city in the afternoon. Preferably 2.5 weeks.


All volunteers stay free together in our designated youth house. This is shared accommodation so it’s most likely you would be a sharing a room or dorm with other volunteers.

Volunteers prepare and eat all meals together. Meal are included free. Mineral water also included.

Volunteers have to arrange their own travel to Morocco. The easiest way is via Casablanca. Volunteers who arrive one day before the start of the project will be picked up only from the airport in Casablanca and will be traveling together by bus to the camp site.

Volunteers can also fly to Marrakech, Fez or Quarzazat. There is a direct bus connection to Errachidia from all cities. It is also possible to travel via Spain and take the boat to Tangier. From Tangier there is a direct bus to Errachidia. 

Volunteer in Morocco – What else?

  • No gender preference, all nationalities welcome.
  • Travel insurance required.
  • We will accept and accommodate males, females, couples as volunteers. 
  • No age preferences, as long as over 18. 
  • You will get to experience, see and visit the local monuments, traditional markets, movie studios where several famous movies were made & desert excursions.

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