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Learn about the homestead and off-the-grid lifestyle while volunteering in Slovakia

Depending on skills and interests, I need help with tasks like building, operating machinery, farming, and maintaining the property. Come & try volunteering in Slovakia!

Volunteering in Slovakia at a homestead – requirements & tasks

My current projects are:
– Building a shelter for the goats and sheep before winter.
– Adding storage for firewood.
– Installing solar panels with a wooden structure that could serve as additional shelter for some items.
– Constructing a ‘walipini’ greenhouse.
– Building a root cellar, primarily using local stones and/or earthbags.
– Planning a half-buried house with a greenhouse facing south, though I don’t intend for it to be large.

Step by step, I aim to welcome more animals, including various chicken breeds, birds like pigeons, and possibly other animals in the future. Bees are expected soon. The gardens need preparation to gradually replace some of the grass that currently covers the entire area.

Depending on everyone’s skills and interests, I could use help with various tasks such as building the shelter for the goats and sheep, operating the mini digger, cooking, harvesting and processing food, shearing the sheep, processing wool, maintaining the garden and orchard, constructing a solar dryer, setting up a solar water heating system, and installing the peripheral fence and structure for the solar panels, among others.

The list goes on! Due to the somewhat technical nature of these tasks, some of the constructions, tools, and materials can be a bit specific and occasionally fragile. Therefore, it is highly appreciated if individuals are calm, patient, and careful when handling tools and equipment.

You will work for about 42 hours per week.

Volunteering in Slovakia at a homestead – what we offer

For the helpers, I currently cannot provide luxurious accommodation; this is another project in the making. The best option would be to arrive here with a camper van. I can provide electricity, fresh water for drinking and showering, as well as food. Please note that if you don’t have a van, there is a large tent available with a camp bed. Toilets are located outside, all around the property.

Depending on the weather, we can cook in the caravan, outside, in the main tent, or in the greenhouse. We can share meals, and all of us can let our creativity shine. So far, just a few weeks after moving to this new piece of land, I haven’t been able to produce everything I need. Currently, we have only a few mushrooms in the woods, and some veggies, walnuts, and berries available. We can source products locally from the neighbors or from zero-waste and organic shops. We can also go there together to meet interesting people.

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